Nov 12, 2010

Interested in Aeroplanes..?

Here's a great link to a webpage that has a host of links (including lots of excellent videos) that explain the principles of flight and all sorts of other flying matters...

Many thanks to a middle school teacher, Bridget, who brought this to our attention.

Oct 25, 2010

Club Calendar available for order..

Thanks to the stalwart efforts of some Club members, a 2011 Calendar is now available for pre-order from the Club Line Crew. Priced at just $30 (taxes included) the calendar features recent aerial views of Kingston that will delight friends and relatives. Pre-payment will ensure delivery by mid December, making this an ideal Christmas present. Perhaps you have business associates who would like to have aerial pictures on display each month..

A sample calendar is available for review at the Club. Do have a look when you're next there.

Fall Colours...

Despite some very unpleasant weather recently, opportunities have arisen to get up and enjoy the Fall colours locally. The two pictures were taken in early October.

Mar 26, 2010

Play on Amelia Earhart to run in Kingston

Kingston's small and exclusive theatre company Theatre 5 is to present a play on the experiences of Amelia Earhart in April. The venue is small, so tickets may go quickly. I can't wait to see how they present any flying scenes...!

Mar 24, 2010

"Flying Flapper" finally departs at 98...

A remarkable female aviator, Elinor Smith, who gained a pilots license at age 16, signed by Orville Wright, has died in the United States this week. A brief article summarizing her remarkable exploits is available here.

Mar 21, 2010

Brief Encounter...

Avery and I had agreed to make a photo sortie over RMC this morning to collect images for next year's calendar. The weather didn't cooperate entirely, but one of Avery's shots can be seen over this entry. We had departed the airport in very light snow, but got a message from Flight Services during our final circuit over the College that conditions were deteriorating. Needless to say, this got our attention and we headed back directly. Within half an hour, the airport was enjoying quite a snow storm.

Mar 8, 2010

AGM reports a bumper year...

Saturday saw the Club's Annual General Meeting held out at the Airport. Attendance was fairly good, but it was a great flying day and absentees may well have been taking advantage of that fact. Reports revealed that 2009, due to the extraordinary efforts of our Board and Club staff was a really good year for us. That said, challenges remain and we all have a part to play in promoting the remarkable services we offer and the opportunities we can extend to many more people. Let's make 2010 an even better year...